Customers’ Behavior in Shipping Delivery: Understanding their Willingness to Wait for Orders

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Online shopping has become increasingly popular all over the world, due to its many conveniences. Customers’ expectations regarding delivery time vary among the different shipping and delivery alternatives available. Given the customer’s ever-changing behavior, how quickly do they want their items delivered?

A study conducted by AlixPartners LLP stated that 75% of consumers are willing to wait for their orders to arrive in the span of five days if only the shipping fee of an e-commerce platform is free. The shipping costs are another factor to consider in a customer’s willingness to wait longer.

In contrast, according to the statistics shared by Conveyco, consumers are more likely to pay more just to receive their order immediately. 41% of the consumers are willing to be charged an additional fee for same-day delivery and 24% of the consumers want their packages to be delivered for the one-or two-hour window for their choice.

In a statement released by Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, 40% of consumers shifted to in-store shopping from online shopping because of the high delivery costs. Thus, the shipping fee applied to orders can contribute to the willingness of the consumers to receive their packages. Additionally, according to a Shopify report, 75% of customers said that the free delivery option significantly influenced their choice to make a purchase.

A similar research study conducted by Jungle Scout, 41% of consumers are concerned about getting their items within two to three days, 27% want same-day delivery, and 24% are prepared to wait a week.

Customers’ decisions to choose faster shipping over cheaper shipping depend on a variety of factors, such as the urgency of the delivery, their age group, the total cost of their packages, and the delivery fee. Customers also tend to consider whether the fee they will have to pay is worthwhile.

Retailers are coming up with a variety of techniques to offer quick delivery services, to improve the consumer experience. However, there are difficulties that prevent the majority of businesses from providing rapid shipment to their customers. This covers the steep cost of the order-fulfillment procedure, the openness of tracking the orders during the full delivery process, and the additional cost of returns.

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