Google TV announced their additional 800+ Free TV Channels

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Google TV launched its huge expansion offering more than 800 free channels and premium programming, through the Google TV streaming service.

According to Google, it includes the news channels from NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. Furthermore, they offer free built-in channels that you may view without downloading the app.

Users of Google streaming services are now able to get access to free channels from Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News directly into the Live tab. More than 10 languages, including Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese, are available in Google TV’s programming.

Long-time users can now enjoy an accessible feature on Google TV wherein they’re able to save their must-watch shows to Favorites. On the other hand, the Live tab for watching preferred content and topics is now available to users that have premium live subscriptions on YouTube TV, Sling TV, and over-the-air channels.

All Google TV devices in the US, including Chromecast with Google TV and TVs from Sony, TCL, Hisense, and Philips with Google TV integrated, will also get the recently announced TV experience features. Google has also stated that all Android users will have access to this later this year.

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