How Useful is the Phygital Approach for Retailers?

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The emerging technology has aroused various terminologies and one of those innovative concepts is the Phygital. It’s an approach with the integration of physical and digital elements to provide a coherent and seamless customer experience.

This strategy plays a significant role in driving growth for retailers and leverages the opportunities to keep and draw in customers. It also bridges a gap between customers in online and offline shopping— giving them easy access to various products and services when purchasing.

Consumers can benefit from the Phygital in more practical ways. Easy navigation and access by having the products displayed in  physical stores as well as being accessible through their eCommerce website. Additionally, this approach is a great way to offer customers special deals, rebates, and loyalty programs.

Based on market data, 80% of consumers use their mobile phone for in-store purchases. This outcome demonstrates that consumers are still considering digital for some objectives when they are shopping in-store, such as price comparison, additional product information, and reviews.

Furthermore, fast food stores have integrated this approach in ordering on their in-store. This helps the customer for a speedy and convenient experience to customers.

Thus, retailers globally are now considering improving their digital presence.

Since some consumers are once again engaging in offline shopping as we move back toward normalcy, this phygital can provide them with a digital experience. The shopping experience must develop and adapt to consumers’ changing and evolving behaviors.

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